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Frequency Witchery

About me

"You are the Altar" is a celebration of my love for the sacred, magical, and metaphysical.

It is wrapped in the nourishing cosmic blanket of

inner self-realisation and my soul's desire to commune infinitely with nature herself.


Throughout my journey of self-discovery, I have collected many seashells in the form of courses, workshops, and research within the fields of alchemy, biofield therapies and music.


I have also collected many shells patterned with whimsical insights reached through singing, meditating, and dancing.


"You are the Altar" is a seashell, a puzzle piece, and an element that brought forth the unknowing inside of me into this reality, the 3D, for it to be lovingly seen, held, and connected with.


I created my personal altar with elements matching my birth frequency a couple of years ago. My altar became my anchor to sit beside while I was going through an extremely turbulent time.


This anchor became a daily ritual, part of my practice, and a safe haven for me to come to when I needed to find home within.


From there, I began gifting birth frequency altars to my friends, treasures to re-member that they are, in fact,

the sacred site, the earth, the universe & the altar.


I felt it was time to offer this seashell to you,

so you can thread it onto your necklace.

An adornment for your inner and outer altar.

In Earth & Dirt



My ancestor
Sybil Leek

Witchery name drop...

Here is my Great Aunt Sybil Leek casually strolling through the village of Burley in New forest with her familiar the Jackdaw, 'Mr hotfoot Jackson.'

Cape and sword in tow.

Sybil was and is a force of nature.

During the 1960s, Sybil was one of the first white witches to reveal her identity to the public. This was a bold and courageous move, considering that the anti-witchcraft law had only been lifted in 1951.


By stepping out into the limelight, Sybil aimed to clear the name of Wicca and other forms of witchcraft.


I have a deep connection with my Great Aunt Sybil, and this connection has grown even stronger over the past 12 months. I plan to share more about Sybil Leek and her legacy in the blog section when the time is right.

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"All human beings have magic in them.
The secret is
to know how to use this magic"
- Sybil Leek 
22nd Feb 1917-26th Oct 1982

Sybil's Gallery

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