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Altar Inspiration


Our first altars


In ancient times, our first altars were

the trees, wells, fires, and rocks.

Since the beginning of time, we have been naturally drawn to the elements - the altars of nature.

We would gather together, pray, chant and dance in the presence of these unwavering universal truths.

Water is Water.

Fire is Fire. 

Earth is Earth.

Air ir Air.


Our bodies hold the elements within, which we can access by being mindful of our present sensations.

Being aware of our inner and outer elements connects us to our true nature and the reality of the world we live in.

While sitting at the foot of these natural altars, we were filled with inspiration, imagination, and belief that these places were inhabited by spirits, gods, and goddesses.

Our intuitive imaginations led to the creation of archetypes, stories, and myths which are what we see in

various cultures today.

All of these were originally birthed from the elemental nature of the earth.

 It is to the earth that we will return. 


Your altar

Why create a personal altar?

Imagine returning home after a hectic day and spending just five minutes sitting at your altar.


Your altar might be adorned with lovely elements you've gathered on your journey such as shells, feathers, incense, stones, and statues of your guides.


Once you discover elements that match your birth frequency, you can add them to your altar so it vibrates with your frequency. 

Sitting at your altar could support you:

- Rebalance your nervous system

- Attain a higher perspective

- Ground yourself in the present moment

- Achieve deeper inner self-realization

- Find peace within

- Create space for fresh insights and downloads

"Create an altar that connects you with the frequency you were born with.
 Breathe in your vibration." 

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